in counter sites and here please note the collapse, collapse of meaning, terms used for emotional reaction. Note the first word above: notice your reaction ,  opinions, body sensations, take note of them and be distinct.

Treat Children as Human. Human as being, not as object.

Note the terms:  pedophile and gay  have distinct and different meanings, not the same.

Permit me, the artist QRXZ, masculine Homogenital erotic art Poet, poetry, to address the boy child poetry.

The pedophile issue verses the gay issues are both distinct and separate issues of discussion, get it. To collapse those separate and distinctly different issues into the same conversation without bringing the distinctions of both terms as unique to the other, is to err, bringing confusion to the conversation. Here, I offer my image of myself as a child, boy... Go forward responsibly. Lust for the consenting adult, as is what I am, now. The innocent images of kissing cousins are real references involving my history; the other boy grew to become a bouncer/policemen, he resides in Hawaii. He permits me to use this image of us. I acknowledge this man, my cousin, he's been married, straight, to my knowledge.  These images address and bring me access to who I am today, enjoy and protect innocent, declare the possibility.  counter: "Pederasty is inseparable from the high points of Western culture - ancient Greece and the Renaissance" -by David Thorstad

This stance is how I was, QRXZ Boy.

Chocolate Turtles, the early QRXZ Boy picture book

One of these boys is not like the other--
Kissing cousins make not the same.
The other boy grows streight.
QRXZ Boy grows and deviates.
Grown, his curved six inch gun shoots.
Kiss and tell.
"POW POW POW", each boy squeals.

A day in May, caught his scent
I recall it to this day--
not the splash of spice aftershave of my dad,
while those other firemen shared their day, their space,
their hot red truck
...he lifts me high
sets me behind the steering wheel.
His sweat smells strong.
Deep voice whispers sounding raspy.
Puffs warm to my ear he says, "Say, Green Hornet!"
He steps away from me as I shout.
"Green Hornet"
My voice causes laughter
those firemen gathered smile with me.

My smile, my thrill for being there continues
  forty years after that blue bulb pops it's bright flash.

My Dad sure. He lifts me out from the drivers seat,
I see the empty red cab where I sat as Dad returns me to my place.
Position me to stand proud,
proudly stand beside my Dad,
 Remember that day, Dad. Remember. Do you remeber?
Remember that day. I remember the boy, the dad and the fireman
They bonded that moment for me for ever.

Collected Memories from artist as QRXZBoy.

Oh Daddy Fill

the boy need only be the boy
  the dad need be both for both
'tween the both need
 each for the other flows

streams through salmon
salmon through streams
gushing some meaning

from QRXZ Boy, I thank you Sir, my Cigar Smoking daddy, Daddy Fill

an excerpt from the lost documents to my Daddy Fill