C9H 28 O2  + QRXZ

Testosterone with a Twist  of  QRXZ

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Blue Skies, Blue Balls


Plot Summary:

Artist QRXZ Boy and editor Ric cross a path over a period of several years with voyoristic encounters.  They discover each other lust filled vision in the back room of a New Orleans bar.  Both men are sexual voyeurs who seek inspiration through their art.  QRXZ's pencil inspires DicDraw sketches.  His visuals illustrate mens shared lust. Ric becomes a patron to QRXZ. Also Ric writes his own story after years of editing other peoples manuscripts.  A collection of erotic short stories with illustrations that recount the encounters and experiences of the artist, QRXZ, and Ric, who is an acomplished story teller and editor. The artist and editor work well together creating the fable, “The Arid Boys of Dry”.  Ric learns much about himself through QRXZ.  Together they reveal and document the dark experence of male lust, sex, and respect as they explore voyeurism, sexuality, fantasy and fraternal love.

Testosterone with a Twist, C9 H28 O2  + QRXZ

Chapter outline:

Chapter 1  First Approach

Voyeur’s voyeurs

Member’s Members


Chapter 2  Raku Skinned Man

Public Places

Pocket Pool

Chapter 3  Leather Harness


                        Conch Restaurant

                        QRXZ Speaks, about hung men

                        Rough Sudden Fucker

                                    Short Dic/Draw session, QRXZ resumes his story,

                        DicDraw Session, held breath in leather


Chapter 4  Wreckers Leather Party at Lighthouse Court guesthouse

Lesbian finger in book

Faux Pirate


Chapter 5  Military Bear

Foreskin Shooters

A treasure re-presented

Treasure Drawing

Safe Place

Wife Beater Shirt

Dry Dreams


Chapter 6  Mystic Bear

                        Ric, the editor, thinks about QRXZ, waiting at French bakery

Ric, the editor/writer thinks:

Idea Considered

Pledge to Liquid Degree

QRXZ speak, A Mystic Bond in leather

Leather Cord

QRXZ Speaks, of a Pregnant Place


Chapter 7 Pirate Transformed

                        Oozing Again


                         Amazing Idleness, parade floats

                        Ben and I

                        After Session

Chapter 8  Fetus Brother

                        Model Session gone badly

                        Fetus Brother is transition story into The Arid Boys of Dry


Chapter 9  The Arid Boys of Dry

A Fable, Twin Boys of Dry

                        Pregnant Boys of Dry

                        Boys of Dry, shave

the Rebellion, the Dream, the Escape, the Sea


Chapter 10 Artist and Editor (After the Arid Boys of Dry Saga)


                                    Arid to Liquid, QRXZ to Ric

                                    Witness Sacred Places:

                        Fractured Facets

                        Paris has made his Decision

Any view as choice as sin

                                    DLDI? the Death, the Liar, the Death, the Innocent


Chapter 11 Appendix A


Approximately 22,500 words

I qualify a unique perspective though my unique experience. A dreamer, writer, draftsmen, maker of noise, erotically masculine life.

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